About TwinFitness

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Kristie & Michelle

Fitness and nutrition experts Kristie Winter and Michelle Hutton (Owners of TwinFitness) graduated with their Bachelor of Science Degrees in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Kansas State University in 1997. This dynamic duo founded TwinFitness in 2003, and has since continued their education with certifications from Precision Nutrition, as well as The American Council of Exercise as Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors.

The Twins are not only personal trainers, small group instructors and nutritionists, but they also compete as International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Bikini Pros! They are the first set of sister to both become IFBB Bikini Pros.

Michelle and Kristie started TwinFitness to empower women to be their best versions of theirselves.

Your goal is their goal. Let them help you reach it.