3 Reasons to Just Do It

Have you ever thought about stepping on stage and competing at an NPC show? What’s stopping you? Several people tell me they could never do it. They just don’t believe that they could ever get their bodies to look like the pictures they see of girls who compete. Well, let me tell you a couple things about that! First of all, girls on stage are only that size for that day. They are usually water depleted, they are for sure very tan, and they are at their peak leanness. They don’t live that lean every day of their normal lives. Secondly, some pics are altered – always keep that in mind. But most importantly, I have seen transformations that continue to blow my mind. No matter where you are now, with the right coaching, you could step on stage and compete! I want to lay out 3 considerations for you to ponder if you’ve ever had the desire to compete, but have yet to go for it. 

  1. What if your fears are right, and you never make it on stage?? If something were to happen and you never did step on stage after training for a show, what would you gain and what would you lose? You would lose fat, and gain self-confidence. You would lose the time and energy you invested in training your body, but gain health from that very investment that would surely improve your quality of living. You would lose a little money from paying for training, but gain a priceless strength from improving your life – and doing it the best way, from the inside out.
  2. Why put it off another year? If you are able to compete now, why wait? I’ve had multiple people tell me, maybe I’ll do it next year. I have this or that now, maybe later. You never know what will happen “later”. If you continue to put off your dream, and leave that bucket list bullet point unchecked, there may come a day when you are unable to actually do it. If you can do it now, don’t wait. Just go for it.
  3. Quit coming up with the usual excuses that we women use when we put everyone else first, and leave our desires at the bottom of the list, unfulfilled. You DO deserve to do this. When you are happy, living the life you desire, everyone around you also benefits from your joy. Stop saying you can’t afford it, or you don’t have the time. If your air conditioner broke, you could afford it. If your car broke down, you would find the time to fix it. Would these things be inconveniences? Maybe, but you would do them. Would they demand sacrifices, maybe. But you would find a way to do these things because they give you the life you want. Life is too short to not find a way to fulfill your dreams. At the end of the day we’ve all heard it said, anything great doesn’t come easy….if it did everyone would do it. You are not everyone. You are special, and you WILL pursue your goals (and crush them)!

If what I said in this blog hits you, then this post is for you. You know who you are! It is all resonating in you now; you can feel it. That means you should go for it! We have a show we are doing as a team this fall. Start training for that. Think you need more time? That’s fine. Let our expert coaches give you a free consultation. We will walk you through the options that are right for you. Don’t put it off. Email us today at thetwins@twinfitness.com. You never know if you never try.  

By: Tanya Burk

Krista Abraham