Best Nutrition for Eating Out and Traveling

It’s spring break time for a lot of the United States, and before we know it summer vacation will be here. Traveling can interfere with healthy eating plans and fitness endeavors, but it doesn’t have to! The fat adapted nutrition philosophy that TwinFitness promotes lends itself well to travel and eating out.  Of course the best results come from food prepared at home, where you know exactly what each piece of food has in it.  Restaurants can add in extra ingredients and fillers for flavor and preservation; however, there are options that are better choices than others (I discuss some below – keep reading). 

When traveling the optimal choice is to bring your own food.  Pack a cooler and bring prepared meals.  This is not always an option though.  It definitely isn’t the most fun option. For people who are endeavoring to eat healthy and stay fit (not planning for an athletic or fitness competition) bringing food is not a necessity, really. There are healthy snacks you can bring along with you (instead of packing a cooler and bringing every meal), that will save you money at convenient stores stops.  Some TwinFitness favorites are: TwinFitness protein powder & a shaker bottle,Tom Tom Turkey sticks, nuts and seeds, protein bars, beef jerky, apples, berries, cheese sticks, nitrate free lunch meat, or pepperoni. These items are easy snacks that don’t take up a lot of room, don’t require a lot of maintenance, and are usually better choices than what you will find at convenient stores.  If you do have to eat from a convenient store, opt for small portions of fresh fruit, nuts, or the new PB3 options (available at some locations). 

When eating out you can usually always order a hamburger (bun-less of course). Instead of fries for a side, get a side salad. Steamed veggies are another great option for a side. A grilled chicken salad is always a fine choice. Ask for no croutons or crackers, and full fat dressing with any salad you consume.. The great thing about eating out is the portions sizes can be large.  You can eat half of the portion, ask for a box, and take the other half with you. You have another meal now for later on! 

A popular choice our clients seem to love when having a treat meal is a bun-less burger with sweet potato fries – yummy! One caution on this though, if you have been working with TwinFitness for some time, and have not had gluten for a while, you might want to ask the server at the restaurant if the sweet potato fries are cooked in the same oil as the other fried foods prepared there.  If so, it will be contaminated with gluten.  Reintroducing gluten into your system, when you haven’t had it for a while, can really hurt the tummy. Vacation may not be the time you want to have a tummy ache, so heads up on that one!

It really is possible to stay on course if you are traveling or vacationing!  Even if you plan to have a few drinks, you can still opt for better choices – read my blog on “How to Party Without Putting on the Pounds”. Tell your trainer about your upcoming trip. She may know of some great, healthy restaurants in the area where you are going. She may even have some additional tips for you! Don’t have a trainer yet? What are you waiting for? We love helping people live their everyday lives better!  Contact us today at

By Tanya Burk

Krista Abraham