Competition Training: Enjoy the Moment

This weekend is our first TwinFitness sanctioned NPC show of the year.  Emotions are high as peak week progresses! This blog is especially for our newbies who have never competed before; there are several of you! For you first time competitors who really don’t know what to expect, I want you to take this blog post to heart.  In fact, the following information is a great reminder to all those who compete. So, here I present to you, 4 tips to making this weekend one of the most enjoyable, unforgettable experiences you will ever have!

  1. Enjoy your progress and stop being so hard on yourself! You have worked hard, and you look great!  Your coach wouldn’t let you go on stage to compete if you didn’t! It’s so easy to look around at all the super fit people competing and size yourself down at every glance. Instead of wasting your time doing that, why not celebrate the fact that you are a very small minority of people on this planet that ever do what it takes to be where you are?  You look great!  Believe me! In fact, two to three months, or years, down the road you will look back on pictures from this weekend and realize just how amazing you look and wonder why you ever sized yourself down.  Don’t do it – don’t think about your flaws – instead enjoy and celebrate!
  2. Take tons of pictures and invest in professional pictures as well! You have worked so hard, you look so good, and you are accomplishing a major goal; you deserve pictures! Your head will be spinning most of the weekend, take lots of pictures so you can look back and actually remember what happened! I know you have spent money on hair, make-up, tanning, entry fees (and the lists goes on and on), but believe me you will regret it if you don’t purchase the professional pictures.  I have made this mistake before, justifying that the pictures I get back stage and the ones my family take from the audience will suffice. I have regretted it every time I haven’t purchased the professional pictures.  Just do it; you’ll be so glad you did!
  3. Have fun!  The day starts early and ends late.  Stress and emotions can run wild, especially when you are sleep deprived (which can be the case with nerves and early wake up calls for hair and make-up). On our team you are in close quarters backstage with a lot of people who can be emotionally all over the place (I mean, we are girls).  Be nice, have fun, and live with a lot of extra grace for others throughout the weekend.  You can make this experience a blast, so decide now to do so!  Decide to have fun above all else.  Don’t worry about placements, someone who gave you a wrong look, the way the judges moved you on stage, just go have fun and make it a weekend to remember!
  4. Walk away knowing you did your best! Finish the week strong. Don’t compare. Make memories, and have a blast.  No matter if you win, get dead last, or come in somewhere in between, walk out of the venue at the end of the night knowing that you pushed yourself further than you ever have, and you became a better person because of it. You can’t base your worth and value on the placement from a panel of judges whose opinions are often subjective and changing.  You have to know that you are special just for doing this sport and no matter what the outcome, you have accomplished something great.  If you are one that just can’t let go of an outcome that was less than you had hoped…well, then let that motivate you to do better next time around. If you want to compete again, get the judges feedback and use it as fuel on the fire to come back even hotter at the next competition!

Good for you!  You did it!  You are days away from showcasing your determination and hard work on stage. Use my four suggestions above to make the weekend amazing.  I am so proud of each and everyone of you!  Go enjoy, and thank you for being part of the Elite Coaching Team.

By: Tanya Burk

Krista Abraham