Fit Over Forty

If you are 40, over 40, or even getting close to 40, there’s no doubt you have seen changes in your body and metabolism. It’s shocking when the old tricks just don’t work like they used to. In my case it used to be that if I ate a little extra, or got off track a tad in my fitness program, I could add in a little extra cardio and see the extra come off. You know the trick in our toolbelt ladies – put in the work, see the results?!  Well, around age 40 I started noticing this trick not working like it once did. Other things just weren’t the same either. That extra sweet treat I had on the weekend wasn’t as invisible as it used to be! My body started getting more tired and sore more easily. I kept thinking I’m 40 – I am too young for this! I mean 40 is the new 20 anyway, right?! What I have learned is that my body has different needs in my 40’s than it did in my 20’s. You would think that would be common sense, but until your quick fixes don’t work you really don’t “get it”.  I have since found that I can still get quality results I just have to go about it differently. If you are approaching 40, or if you are over 40, you NEED to read the following tips. These guidelines will help you get the results you want without so much frustration when your old way of doing things no longer works.

  1. Sleep is more important now than ever! People are having more trouble getting good, quality sleep these days. One reason for this is because technology usage has affected our brains and is wrecking our sleeping patterns. (Try powering down from all electronics earlier in the day!) As we approach 40 (and beyond) our bodies do not make as much growth hormone as they once did. Growth hormone makes our bodies firm, our skin’s collagen plentiful, and our moods more vibrant. We release growth hormone when we sleep. Since we already aren’t making as much as we used to, we need all that we can get. Getting more sleep is a crucial step in supplying our body with as much growth hormone as possible. Our busy bodies reset during sleep. Many 40 year old women are running kids around and working crazy hours….they need their bodies to reset. They need quality rest; they just aren’t getting enough of it. We recommend some of our clients get extra sleep over doing a workout. It’s amazing when you see pounds almost melt off when a client establishes the habit of getting good, quality sleep – and enough of it! We have to change established mindsets that tell us hard work gets us top results. In our fitness journeys we find ourselves on a different path around that 40 milestone where we have to look for new ways to approach health. That may mean granting yourself the permission to get more rest! If you know this is you – do it! You will be amazed at the results.
  2. Strength training is a must! Although our population is becoming more educated in this area, many women still shy away from strength training thinking they will become bulky or gain weight. Strength training actually does the opposite, especially for our Fit over Forty women. It speeds up the metabolism, shapes the body, and creates the firmer, more youthful appearance we want! Here’s another mindset change….we used to do cardio (some of us lots of cardio) and that cardio could work magic if we just stayed on that treadmill long enough! The journey into the 40’s and beyond brings us to a place where prolonged cardio sessions create inflammation. Inflammation is a precursor to all kinds of diseases, besides the pain it can cause in our bodies. Take the inflammation and couple that with point #1 above (not enough sleep) and you have a train wreck in the making. In our Fit Over Forty programs we recommend a healthy balance of cardio. You may have to shift your thinking from cardio will cure all to a balance of strength training with less focus on cardio. It is important to become educated or to invest in a trainer if you do not have a background in strength training. Proper form is critical. The right exercises for the right results are very important too. Our trainers at TwinFitness are especially keen to the needs of women in their forties, and beyond. It is worth it to invest in yourself for maximum results and less chances of injury.
  3. Nutrition is it! You have been told that your hormones are changing. They are! The best way to deal with these changes are naturally through nutrition and quality supplementation. The way you eat will determine the way you feel for the rest of your life. Eat good and the chances are much better that you will feel good! Proper nutrition helps balance out your hormones naturally. Supplementation helps fill in the gaps. At TwinFitness we have extensive nutritional education. We have some clients that tell us that after working with us they feel better in their 40’s than when they did in their 20’s! That is exciting!

Being 40 and beyond is a wonderful time that should be enjoyed by all who are given the opportunity. Do not succumb to the myth that a number makes you feel less. This is a beautiful time of life that you should be enjoying! Let us help you enjoy how you feel and how you look with one of our Fit Over Forty programs. We customize each program specifically for the individual needs of each client. We would love to help you!

By: Tanya Burk

Krista Abraham