Fitness Plateaus are a Myth

We believe that ‘Fitness Plateaus’ are a myth. At TwinFitness we talk about consistency a lot.  Consistency over time is one of the primary keys, we believe, to fitness success.  Every time you consume a food, exercise, or take a supplement, something changes in your body. You may not see it, but it is happening. Most of the time you DO see the changes, and that is really exciting! I mean who doesn’t want to measure their waist and find it is a half inch smaller than the last time it was measured?!  Even if you do not see any changes at all though, things are happening internally all the time – good or bad. People think they have hit a plateau when they don’t see external changes for a week or more. Plateaus are a myth. Every day, with every decision you make, your health and fitness either gets better or worse – it never stays the same.

Sometimes clients do not see changes during their weekly check ins with their weight, body fat, or measurements.  If they have consistently stayed on their plan, things are still positively changing. These changes are happening internally, with cell regrowth, gut repair, and other internal factors. Even though changes cannot be seen on the outside, they are happening. If clients continue consistently following and trusting their fitness plan, they will eventually start to see changes on the outside as well.  Sometimes, when a client thinks nothing is happening, all of a sudden she drops 4 pounds in one week, or loses 2 inches off the hips.  She wonders how in the world that happened that particular week when she did the same thing she had been doing the weeks before when she didn’t see any external changes.  Consistency over time! The outside will manifest what is happening internally and new, healthier cells will create tighter muscles from a metabolism that works more effectively and a body that has organs that are operating efficiently. It is an exciting process, but it is one that takes faith.  You have to operate by faith on the weeks where you do not see the changes externally. Know that you ARE changing, whether you can actually see the changes or not.

Now that I have said all of this, please let me tell you that you should be changing your nutrition and workouts on a regular basis.  Your body does need the change. You need to be changing your plans regularly, on a schedule. At TwinFitness we change clients’ plans monthly. It’s not usually a good idea to change a plan because results are not seen for a week or two. This is a temptation a lot of clients struggle with. I hope this blog helps those clients realize that from a good, quality plan, change will happen. Sometimes it happens internally and sometimes you see the external manifestations, but change is happening. Yes, you do have to make sure you are on a good plan. If you are, trust the plan. Know that things are changing, even if you do not see them on the outside! If you work with TwinFitness, I guarantee that any of our qualified trainers will put you on a plan that is custom made for your needs, and it will be a good, quality plan. Trust it – even if you don’t see external results all of the time.

Remember, every day – with every decision you make – your health and fitness either gets better or worse.  A rockin’ body is sculpted from a healthy internal body operating at it’s best. Change takes time.  Get a plan that is a good, quality plan, and trust the plan. Even if you don’t see your body changing on the outside, it is changing on the inside and you WILL, eventually, see the results you desire. Because of the effectiveness of our philosophy and plans at TwinFitness, clients usually see external results quickly and regularly.  If you are not sure your plan is a good, quality plan, let us help customize a plan for you that WILL get you results. Email us at and give us a chance to help you train smarter instead of harder!  

By: Tanya Burk

Krista Abraham