The Power of Posing

You’ve trained hard. You’ve stuck to that very strict nutrition plan, even when it was hard. You are doing everything your coach has told you to do in order to prep for an NPC competition. There is another aspect of competing that is of equal importance to your prep: learning how to pose, and learning how to pose in the best way for you – unique to your body! Posing is all about accentuating your body’s positive features and hiding your flaws. Everyone has flaws (yes, even those beautiful girls you see on instagram who look flawless on stage – they have some flawed areas).  Great posing hides flaws and puts a competitor’s best features in the spotlight!

Posing has changed over the years. It seems that there is constantly a buzz in the competition industry of new information coming from judges and different aspects judges are wanting to see on stage. It is VERY important to work with an experienced professional who is current in the industry when you are getting ready for a competition.Working with a team that knows what is really going on is key. In reality, some details may change, but a lot of things stay the same in the fitness world. Working with a coach “in the know” can mean all the difference in the world – especially when it comes to posing!

At TwinFitness, our Elite Coaching Coaches help our teammates pose in ways that are best for each individual competitor’s body. Every competitor is different. Each competitor has a different way that she looks best on stage. Working on this type of individual posing specifications can be the difference in placements, or even getting noticed at all!

One important key on stage is getting noticed, but not standing out too much. Sound contractionary? Read on! Judges are very experienced, they know how to look for flaws. If you stand out too much (move too much or draw too much attention to yourself) you can cause a judge to look at you very closely and pick apart those flaws you are trying to hide! It takes practice and coaching to know how to look good, and draw the eye in, without drawing too much attention to one’s self.

At Elite Coaching a big focus we work with our girls on is bringing a completely beautiful package to the stage, from hair all the way down to toenails….because it is all very important! I know, I know, you thought this was all about physique….it is about physique. The thing is, most girls on stage have a good physique, or they wouldn’t be there. So the entire package is very important for stage presence, and our ECTwinGems are coached on all of it! When there are two physiques that judges see as comparably good, stage presence and presentation can make all the difference! We have an excellent GlamSquad who gets our competitors looking their best before the show. All of this is like icing on the cake to good posing and a great physique!

Are you thinking about taking your fitness to the next level and stepping on stage as a competitor? Have you competed before but are looking to improve your stage presence? Either way, the Elite Coaching Team is here to help! We pride ourselves in having the most glamourous competitors. Judges tell us that they can pick out our girls in the lineup. We make sure they look beautiful head to toe and work with them to present their bodies looking their best on stage through proper posing! The power of posing makes all the difference. Learn from the best! Email us for more information at and check out our website today at 

By: Tanya Burk

Krista Abraham