Tips to Stay on Track During Show Season

Every year after that last show of the season is over, we have girls who feel lost. Prepping for an NPC competition tends to be all encompassing, like planning a wedding or getting ready for some other big life event. When it is over, so is all the preparation. Too many girls struggle during this time. Many girls gain body fat, weight, and lose their passion and drive. Last year we developed a program to combat this problem we called our Improvement Season Program. We developed another program this year after our last sanctioned show called Life After the Show Program. We have had great results from incorporating these programs. This year we have more competitors staying on track during the time between shows than ever before! It is exciting! We credit this success partly to these programs we put into place. The programs did more than provide nutrition and exercise plans; they also educated our competitors about living the lean lifestyle without a competition date in close sight. We also credit our competitors staying on track during the improvement season to our new online mobile app system. It does a phenomenal job of tracking client activity and promotes even more communication between coach and client. We would be remiss to think our constant striving for further education in our field, and our  willingness to change in order to better serve clients is not part of the equation. We are so excited that our clients are staying focused more than ever before! Here are some tips to help all competitors during the time between show seasons:

  1. Stay with a knowledgeable coach. I see it way too often – clients think they will be fine doing their own thing and saving a few bucks between show seasons by canceling trainer contracts. It is a rare minority that actually stay on track without the guidance of an experienced, knowledgeable coach. Especially after going through the grueling competition season, competitors need the guidance of a coach. The physical adjustments are tedious enough, but the mental and emotional adjustments need coached more than ever. The accountability is priceless. Don’t kid yourself by thinking this is the time to do it on your own. Stay with a knowledgeable coach between show seasons. If you are without one now, don’t delay – get back with one now!
  2. Stay in the routine of going to the gym and eating on a plan. Your gym time will surely look different than it did while prepping for a show. Your nutrition plan will look different as well. Don’t neglect these habits though. Starting the habit again can be harder the second time around. Just stay with it. Go to the gym. Eat on a plan. Then, when it’s time to focus on show prep again, it won’t be nearly as hard. Staying with a plan will help you from gaining too much weight during this time as well.
  3. Don’t wait too long to start training for the next show. I have seen too many competitors wait until they are a month or two out from a show to start really training and focusing on their next show goals. The sooner you know the date of your first 2018 show and start training for it, the better. Our first team sanctioned show is in May and NOW is the time that our competitors to start training with that goal in mind. Don’t wait too long. The sooner you specifically train – the better! 

Staying lean and using the time between show seasons to improve is a theme of the Elite Coaching Team that we are very proud of. We pride ourselves in being coaches that stay within 5-10 pounds of our competition weight year round. We are passionate about helping our competitors do the same. No matter how much you enjoy the sport of competinhg, you deserve to be healthy and look amazing year round! Contact us today to find out more about how we train our competitors and help help them excel at competing, and also at living the lean lifestyle 365 days a year! Email us at the today!

Tanya Burk

Krista Abraham