What to Expect When Competing in an NPC Show

Prepping to compete at a NPC show is an undertaking of a lifetime! You will work harder than ever in the gym and be stricter than ever with your nutrition. Chances are you hear a lot about #contestprep as competitors have fun sharing their journeys on social media with this hashtag and many other hashtags popular to the sport. I’m not going to concentrate on the prep of a competition in this blog, but more on what to expect when you actually get to the show. The show itself can be a whole different world, so let me take you on a tour through my eyes as a competitor.

It all starts when you get to check in the night before the show. At check in you will get your height checked, so they know what class to put you in. Walking in to check in I always get a little intimidated. I feel like the guys all look like the incredible hulk (only they’re not green – well, not yet…wait and see how the spray tan looks on them later – ha!). Some of the girls look like miniature girl hulks. The other girls checking in….well they appear to have smaller waist than my daughter’s Barbie dolls. Their chest are all about the same proportion to their waist as Barbie’s too. Now you see why I feel intimidated? Ha! I never feel like I belong, or I deserve to be there with these people.  Just being honest. That is step one of adrenaline kicking in to make the nerve start rockin!

After check in it’s time to get the spray tan. Now for me, this is probably my least favorite part of the show experience. To get a spray tan you know you must be naked. That’s just never comfortable, being naked in front of a stranger – especially one getting in all the nooks and crannies of yourself to get your tan even. At this point your body fat is extremely low, so you have very little to keep you warm. You also have fans blowing on you to help your tan dry. It is pure torture in my opinion.

Then, you are expected to go rest for the remainder of the evening. I can never sleep. Even though I know I will be getting up very early in the morning, adrenaline and nerves never allow me to sleep well the night before a show. You try so hard all night not to mess up your tan only to wake up with streaks and spots all over you! How does this happen every time? No worries though. The tanning team is up almost as early as the hair and makeup artists preparing to touch you up!

The next morning, regardless of how much sleep you got, you have to get up extremely early to get your hair and makeup done. I absolutely love this part of competing. I feel very pampered having professional hair and makeup artists working on me. It’s great! Once you see yourself all done up with your sparkly suit on, you really do feel glamorous. There is usually an athlete meeting right before the morning show starts. The judges and promoters go tell you what to do and not to do on stage. My first show this all really worried me, but there really is no need to worry. If you have been working with an experienced coach, she has prepped you well. Just do want she has prepped you to do on stage. 

The waiting game starts after this. The morning show starts, but it usually feels like forever until it is your turn to go on stage. Nerves are high for everyone. The morning show is when you are actually judged. I have learned it’s best to enjoy myself during this wait time by visiting with other competitors that don’t seem too on edge or just by listening to music. I love how our team has a glam squad touching us up and helping us out before we go on stage. It feels like a princess pampering session again.  For a mom like me who is always taking care of everyone else, this day of pampering is really nice for a change!

When the morning show is over I always feel a sense of relief. There is time to go rest before the night show. Even though I am relieved, I rarely sleep during this time either. Those dang nerves and adrenaline just do me in for the weekend. The night show finally rolls around and this time on stage you have a moment you go on all by yourself. That is a little nerve wracking for me. Hundreds of people have their eye on me, in a posing suit (which is as small as doll clothes) and I’m moving around in heels, trying to look confident – writing this I’m wondering why I ever do a show, ha! The truth is that this experience definitely brings me out of my comfort zone like nothing else I have ever done. The weeks and months of prep going into the show take me out of my comfort zone, but this whole weekend experience of the show catapults me to a whole new level out of my comfort zone. It’s crazy. You’ve heard the saying that the only way to see magic happen in your life is to get out of your comfort zone….well, I would have to say that is why I put myself through it. It is magical. It’s not just the physical progress your body makes (that is magical for sure), but there’s more. Each time I compete I learn and grow as a person. I become more confident and stronger mentally, emotionally, along with the physical aspect.  

Another favorite part of the competition weekend for me is after the night show when the awards are given. To me, it doesn’t matter if I walk out of the venue with hardware or not. If I have competed, I have my reward. I can never wait to go out after the show and enjoy a meal with my competition team or my family. It’s just a great time of celebrating! Lastly, I go home and go on with life. I am able to take away all the lessons I have learned and walk with confidence knowing I have accomplished something a fraction of the population has ever even attempted to achieve. The process is worth it. The show is where the magic happens! You should come have a magical time with us! Check out our competition page at https://twinfitness.com/competition-training/   and fill out your application today. Don’t think you can’t compete because of where you are now. Remember, it’s a process and we love taking girls on the journey!

By: Tanya Burk

Krista Abraham