What You Don't Know, Could Be Hurting You

We all know that sugar is bad for us, but do we realize how bad it truly is?  We know we should stay away from candy and sweets, but what about other foods that have added sugars in them?  Sometimes the food we consider healthy is loaded with sugar. For example, if you start your day with low-fat yogurt topped with berries and granola, that can easily be 50 grams of sugar right there in that one meal!  But we all thought yogurt, berries, and granola were healthy?  Ouch!  

Two hundred years ago the average American ate about 6 pounds of sugar a year.  By 1999 that number grew to over 100 pounds! What an increase!  Consider that along with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, and it’s easy to see how obesity has grown to shocking amounts in the United States.

The FDA is showing their concern as well. In July 2018, food makers will be required to list added sugars both in grams and as a daily percentage value on nutrition labels. There will be two line items on the back of all food under the Total Carbohydrate section. There will be one line for Total Sugars and another for Added Sugars Included.

I tell my kids all the time that sugar is the devil. I’m sure they get sick of it, as they want to sip their soda and eat their Sour Patch Kids.  I hate it too, because there is one good thing about sugar – it taste good!  That is the only good thing about sugar that I can say though.  Cancer uses sugar to grow. Excess sugar causes insulin resistance, which is a precursor to type-2 diabetes. The fructose molecule in sugar doesn’t give our bodies energy (like the glucose molecule), so it has to be metabolized by the liver. In today’s environment our livers are already overly taxed. Excess sugar, in return, promotes toxicity. It also causes obesity as the liver has no other choice than to turn the fructose into fat. 

Education is key, and with an influx of information available at the fingertips, it can be hard to know what to decipher as truth. The new requirements for labeling the FDA is rolling out in 2018 will help us all, but it is not enough.  New information is coming out daily in regards to nutrition.  Get in the know.  Protect your health and your family. Instead of the low-fat yogurt breakfast mentioned above, opt for full fat greek yogurt with a less amount of berries, and some roasted chia seeds. Same texture, same rich flavor, less sugar, and all of this equals a healthier you!  If you are overwhelmed with nutrition and feel like you are swimming through a maze of unknown, contact TwinFitness today.  Our owners, IFBB Pros, Michelle and Kristie, have dual degrees in exercise science and nutrition.  They also have Precision Nutrition certifications, along with many of our trainers. TwinFitness has programs in place, and education available to our clients that empower a healthy, lean life.

By Tanya Burk

Krista Abraham