When You Don't Get First Call Outs

What happens when you don’t do as well as you had hoped in an NPC competition? You worked so hard. You thought you looked your best, but when the first call out numbers were announced your number wasn’t included. Wow! What a let down! What a disappointment! All that work, all the money you invested, all those tears and sweat, sacrifice, blah – blah – blah. It all starts running into a devastating thought process that, just like drowning, can suffocate the air right out of your lungs if you stay down too long.

But – should it? I mean, let’s go over those thoughts. So you worked hard, no one can take that away from you. You look better than you ever have – does it really matter that much if a panel of judges thinks that other competitors look better? The money you invested, well you invested it in you – your health and your physique. The tears, sweat, and sacrifice are all proof that you are an achiever. By competing in an NPC competition you are doing something a VERY small percentage of the population ever does. You are different. You are special, and you are worth everything you put into this endeavor, placement or not!

As a competitor and coach I have always had the philosophy that you have to go into a competition without placements mattering. But, then again, I had always placed…..until recently when I didn’t. Every competition I entered, I walked away with medals….until this last competition I entered. I walked away from it without any medals. The philosophy I held got put to the test. Did I really believe what I said I believed – that a person needs to compete against herself only and walk into the competition as more of a show (to show how much she has improved), as opposed to competing against anyone else – except herself.

Because I have this philosophy I was able to keep not placing in the right perspective, and it really didn’t affect me much. I did want the judges feedback though, that’s always good to get. I’ve heard that when you look at the stage line up in pictures, you can usually see why the placements went the way they did. This became true for me. Even though I looked my best, the other girls were leaner. The judges wanted leaner – so, that’s what won. 

I have seen girls get devastated from not placing. I have seen girls get mad from not placing. I have been mad about girls not placing. Honestly, there are times I don’t agree with judges’ decisions. We are humans, me – them, and this is a subjective sport no matter how closely we try to stay to standards in judging. These are all more reasons why I think competitors have to have the right perspective before the show begins. You never know who is going to show up, how anyone else is going to look, and exactly what the judges will like on stage. With all of the subjectivity, why even go to the trouble? Oh! Trust me….do a show, and you will know! It is an experience of a lifetime that is worth the unknown, the letdown, or the high. You never know if you don’t go for it. Are you thinking about competing in 2018? Our Elite Coaching Team Packages are changing. We have exciting options in store! Email us today to find out how we can help you in your journey to the NPC stage! Thetwins@twinfitness.com

By: Tanya Burk

Krista Abraham