Online Personal Training

Kristie & Michelle

Training females to look and feel their best.

Online personal training with TwinFitness is exactly that; personal.

Whether you want to improve overall health or just tone-up a trouble spot, we will work with you to get the results you desire.

The new training system is amazing! It is so helpful to have the exercise videos easily accessible and a timer for each exercise. The exercise plans and diet are easy to follow. My great coach offers continued support along the way!
— Tammy C
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Personalized Online & Mobile Training

Online Personal Training with TwinFitness Online is now more flexible, personalized, attentive, and equipped to generate success toward your fitness goals! Your coach can now check on each workout you complete, see your nutrition compliance, and chat/answer your questions without leaving the mobile app!

TwinFitness hands down is the best personal training company around. They truly care about helping clients, no matter what their goal, develop a healthy lifestyle with fitness and nutrition. They are kind, compassionate and truly listen to clients! They are positive and have a client first mentality! I will never train with another company because of the success I have had with Twin Fitness! If you follow their plans, you will see results. I highly recommend contacting them today to get started. You will not regret it!
— Erin S

Custom Online Training Program

  • Access to TwinFitness Personal Training Mobile App & Desktop Portal

  • Custom Workouts designed for Women

    • Track stats and progress

    • Video demonstration for each workout

    • Low-Impact workout options

    • In-home or gym workout options

  • Flexible Workout Schedule (designed for your lifestyle)

  • Individualized Nutrition Plan

    • Changes weekly

    • Substitution lists

  • Weekly Check-ins with your coach for accountability

  • Introduction Consultation

  • 3 Month Commitment Required

Basic Online Training Program

  • Access to TwinFitness Personal Training Mobile App & Desktop Portal

  • Basic Workout Program designed for Women

    • Video demonstration for each workout

    • Track stats and progress

  • Monthly Workout Schedule

  • Nutrition Plan

    • Changes Weekly

    • Not Customized–If you require any dietary restrictions, allergies, or are a 'picky' eater–custom online training is required

  • 3 Month Commitment Required

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